"Our company is into the Manufacturing and trading of Medallions and bars of all shapes and sizes of any other precious metals like gold and / or silver and / or platinum and / or Palladium and diamonds / Color Stones / precious & Semi precious stones. We also excel in the trading of Cut and Polished diamonds.

We have a very strong export base in the Middle East and South East Asia which enables us to Import and export the goods in and out of the country with the minimum turnover time of the entire operation. We have a registered work unit at Special Economic Zone at Surat which is the biggest park for jewellery in SEZ India. We started of with an own capital investment, as the business grew when the business grew we took financial assistance from banks as banks helps Indian companies in their globalization efforts through a wide range of products and services offered at all stages of the business cycle, starting from import of technology and export product development to export production, export marketing, pre-shipment and post-shipment and overseas investment so as to fulfil the obligations of export and reap the benefits of the same later. Within three years our exports starting crossing 500 million annually which in turn helped us gain the Status of a STAR TRADING HOUSE.

The import of Gold into the major trading centers of India as well as the export of plain gold jewellery and medallions to the Middle East forms the very core of our business portfolio.

Equipped with a team of highly committed experts, technical and commercial experience gathered over decades of operation as well as strict adherence to due diligence practices, we are constantly on the lookout to further strengthen our robust network, which pans across the United Kingdom, Europe, Middle-East as well as South & South - East Asia.

Continuing to build our success story on the cornerstones of ethical practices, maintaining exceptional quality standards and challenging our limits, we have now made a foray into refining as well as real estate development."

  • Production
    150 Kilograms
  • Turnover
    500 Million
  • Refinery Capacity
    10 Tonnes