Real Estate

Supported by a talented team of esteemed consultants well-versed with the field of construction, we aspire to create structures that conform to global standards while adding value to the nation’s infrastructure.Quality, innovative construction technology, comfort, aesthetic appeal and maximum value for your money are few attributes that enrich DFI with the belief that people have entrusted in them.With the current as well as upcoming real estate projects undertaken by the Group, we seek to emulate the success experienced by us in bullion trade. We aspire to develop superior quality constructions that incorporate the maximum benefits of nature such as open green spaces, sunlight and ventilation along with catering to the requirements of the modern day individual. The group has made an impact on the supply side of the modern-day living.

A style that has been the dream of a new class of consumers, a style encompassing the whole range of consumption pattern of the young and the upcoming consumers We aim to provide maximum benefit to our stakeholders without compromising on our responsibility towards the citizens. The higher standards set by the group in its pursuit to position India on par with the developed economies of the world and with a vision to be and remain at the commanding height of Real Estate Business.When we create work environments, we make sure they are spaces people will want to hurry towards in the morning and take their time to leave in the evening. Therefore, allowing people to generate the 'big idea' with no full-stops in between. All our commercial complexes lay very high emphasis on modern services and amenities without comprising on aesthetics and design. We have various SRA projects also lined up at various locations across Mumbai to develop.